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New World Italian Cuisine

Chef Duke A New Orleans' Original
In his 23 years at Cafe' Giovanni, Owner and Chef Duke LoCicero has been bringing worldwide attention to New Orleans Cuisine. Born and raised in New Orleans, "Chef Duke" has been a part of the restaurant scene since he was thirteen. At eighteen he enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. After his apprenticeship he worked throughout the United States, gaining experience with a variety of cuisine's that have undoubtedly influenced the blend of flavors that characterize Chef Duke's creations at Cafe' Giovanni. The Sea Ketch in New Jersey, The Brownstone in Houston, Joey's in Baton Rouge, and the Royal Orleans were just a few of his ports of call. While at the Brownstone, Chef Duke was appointed Executive Chef for the private parties at the "Houston Economic Summit", here he prepared dinner for President George Bush, Prime Minister Thatcher, President Mitterand, and others. By combining fresh ingredients with American, French, Italian, Creole styles, and other international flavors, all of which contributed to the success of the Summit. Chef Duke creates "New World Italian Cuisine" which he presents in a unique artistic style. Chef Duke has won numerous awards including  Louisiana Restaurant Association's 2004 Restaurateur of the Year, the prestigious Taster's Choice Award for Best Chef in 2002 and 2010, Top Chef 2000 award  from 1992 through 1996, and Cafe' Giovanni was chosen as one of the top six restaurants of 1991 by New Orleans Magazine. In addition to Chef Duke's award as "Master Taster", he also was awarded third place in the "Visitors Choice Award" as one of the restaurants most preferred by visitors to New Orleans, "First Place, Taste of Elegance Award" from America's Pork Producers, and "First Place, Celebrity Cook-off" at Lakeside Shopping Center. Chef Duke recently prepared the "Dinner to the Czars" for the "Palaces of Saint Petersburg Exhibit" in Jackson, Mississippi. Presently Chef Duke serves as the President of the Upper Decatur Street Association, showing his commitment to the community, and the neighborhood as well. Since September of 1997 Cafe' Giovanni has undergone expansion that accommodates 150 guests, doubling the restaurant's seating capacity. In 2004 Chef Duke opened a portion of the restaurant space as Belli Baci Lounge so now you have two great places in one. The food, drink and atmosphere is all here at Cafe Giovanni. That would be enough for most people but Chef Duke was also a popular radio personality on his provocative New Orleans talk radio show Dig In with Chef Duke and his brother Rock on WWWL 1350 AM which ran from 2002 - 2009. Duke's quick wit and gift for entertaining has brought him celebrity status in New Orleans with the US and the World next on the list. Chef Duke is considered an entertainment and culinary trend setter in New Orleans and soon the World. Email: chefdukescafegio@aol.com
The LoCicero Chefs Duke and Nick